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Well, i’M GLAD? *his voice went up when Ryu suddenly jumped at him, trying to get him underwater. For a second he didn’t realise he was able to breath underwater and flailed*

RYU NO! *he eventually gave up struggling and let himself get pushed under the surface, but then grabbed for Ryu’s leg and pulled him under as well.

-He kept laughing until he was dragged under the surface, spluttering as his lungs switched to ‘aquatic mode’. As they continued to wrestle with eachother, Ryu wrapped his tail around Lance’s arm and gave a strong tug in an attempt to push him away.-

You can’t stop me, fishy! Bring it.



NO, OBVIOUSLY NOT. *he frowned as he pushes himself up to get out of the mud so he could finaLLY JUMP INTO THE WATER AS WELL*

THERE. You were faster, are you happy now?


-He peeked out of the water, a devious grin forming.-

Oh, I’m very happy.

-His smile continued to grow until he LEAPT AT LANCE, TRYING TO PUSH HIM UNDERWATER.-


*Of course Lance couldn’t hear Ryu anymore, since he was already too far away and there was the wind clouding his sense of hearing because he was running so fast!!! He eventually turned around though to see, that Ryu was catching up on him.*

I will be first!!!!!!!! *he yelled, jumped, dived and… landed in the mud. Oh… apparently the tide was going out.*

-Seeing the Kyogre land face first in the mud made Ryu laugh loudly as he continued to race to the water.-

Didn’t anyone ever teach you to look before you leap, Lancey? (*≧▽≦)ノシ))




*Her eyes expand before clasping her cheeks; a single meep emitting from her lips.*

Y - you’re n - not g - going to bite me, a - are you?

B - because I - i don’t think I - i’d taste very good, m - mister.

*Yeah, his sharp toothed grin didn’t really help with her social anxiety.*



-He blinked, silently floating in the air as he stared at the grass-type with a confused expression.-

You- I’m not being serious, you know… -An awkward chuckle escaped him.- It’s just, you look so afraid. I’m not going to hurt you, I swear. I’m a protector, not a fighter…

-His smile turned into a softer one, his tail swaying gently behind him.-

My name’s Ryujin; what’s yours? ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


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O - oh … . I - i … um … ngh … .

… . hi. 


-He blinked curiously, levitating over to the Deerling with a toothy smile forming; her stuttering amused him-

You look like I’m about to bite you. (ᅌᴗᅌ* )


*he carefully folds his clothes away and puts them in a safe distance to the water*

Hmmm… *he pouts* Well you are more slender than I am, I guess you could be faster.

We will see! *he runs towards the water*

Yes, I- -He spluttered as Lance dashed past him, an indignant look appearing on his face.- You didn’t give a proper warning!

-Huffing, Ryu raced after the Kyogre, using his levitation as usual. They didn’t say they were racing, but… Hell, why not make everything a game?-

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((lance just uses them because theyre cute and omg he would probably use chinese ones if they existed because luci pretty much raised them in a chinese way pfff))


But yeah Lugia and Ho-Oh are based on Japanese legends??? AT LEAST LUGIA IS. ))


(( I’ve started using japanese emoticons with Ryu as he is of asian decent, and… Having relatively recently discovered the internet, the Japanese portion of it is what he came across first. He became quite enamoured with the lil’ things. v3v

I won’t make him speak Japanese at all, though. While he understands many languages, English is his primary one.




-Leans back slightly because because suddenly naked man chest all in her face, plus she was feeling slightly embarrassed for just blurting out, but she couldn’t shake the feeling of familiarity-

Yes. Sorry for intruding. I suppose… other uh, ‘legandaries’ make me curious… You are a Lugia are you not?

-gives a small smile and looks sideways in a shy manner, the lugia’s cheerfulness was infectious, even for her-

I’m Adela. -gives a bow of her own, tail flicking behind her-

It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr Ryu.

Sorry? Don’t apologise, I enjoy meeting new people; especially when I’ve never come across a certain species… That doesn’t happen often, not with how old I am! ⊙△⊙

-His head cocked to the side as his grin widened.-

Adele? That’s a nice name… It suits you. It sounds smart and you look smart, you know? But, yeah, I’m a Lugia! Are you a Mewtwo? I’ve only read about them… It’s a little embarrassing; I bet my guardian would know more about you. Heh. ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

What’re you curious about, though…?